PHP Designer

PHP Designer 2008

Good looking and functional PHP editor


  • Debugs PHP automatically
  • Automatically detects syntax errors


  • Debugger doesn't always help
  • More useful for beginners than advanced users


It's not easy to get excited about the look of a PHP environment and editor but PHP Designer puts in more effort than most to create a stylish and highly usable one.

PHP Designer is a complete PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and PHP editor that caters for just about all your PHP coding needs but it also applies itself to HTML, CSS and JavaScript development. The main aim of PHP Designer is to boost your productivity and make your life easier. However, because of this, it's aimed more at beginners than professional editors, although there's enough there to keep the latter interested too.

Probably the main bonus of PHP Designer is the intelligent syntax highlighting which spots errors as you type, meaning less head scratching at the end of a long coding session. This applies not just to PHP but to other languages as well. Of course, PHP Designer also comes with a debugger which can test scripts for errors and suggests possible solutions although as with all debuggers, the success rate can be hit and miss according to most users.

If you're looking for a good looking PHP editor that supports plenty of other languages too, then PHP Designer may well make your life a lot easier.

PHP Designer supports the following formats

PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java, Perl, JavaScript, VB, C# y SQL

PHP Designer


PHP Designer 2008

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